How to bet on Sic Bo like a master?

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How to bet on Sic Bo like a master? Open the trick to conquer the dice game here!

How to bet Sic Bo like a master

  • Betting in 5 rounds, 1 dice betting method like this will have the least chance of losing the game. It is a bet covering 5 numbers, meaning that the dice will have 6 numbers together, choose to bet 5 numbers and leave 1 number, spreading the bets on each number equally. Because even if you bet 2 wrong numbers, you will still have a small profit.
  • Switch bets , want to bet Sic Bo like a master must alternate high-low Because the chance that the dice will score points in this manner is half-and-half. If you want good luck, you have to bet high and low alternately. It is recommend to do this for 4 rounds and then start again.
  • Three -digit Toad The principle of 3-digit Toad is to bet 2-3-4 numbers 2-3 and 3-4. Which this principle can be used with any number. And this is still a way to bet on Sic Bo that uses less money but makes enough money.
  • avoiding the compounding When playing Sic Bo lose Do not think of compounding to withdraw capital or get it back. Because the game of dice is not baccarat. That can roll up. But it is recommended that alternate stabs are better.
  • Try lowering more often. If you try the recommended Hi-Lo technique and it still doesn’t work. should try to bet low rather than high Because the dice have the right to issue a low score than a high score of 20%
  • Observe the game first. Sic Bo bets like a master There must be some basic principles. It is known to observe the game for 3 – 4 eyes first. By looking at the statistics of the Hi-Lo score. Once you’ve caught the end, try playing this lucky dice game.

Sic Bo is the ultimate Asian favorite gambling game, easy to play, uncomplicated and rewards to the gamblers when they win. Currently, there are many web casinos that offer this type of betting game in the form of online dice or live dice. It is a convenience that allows lovers of dice game of luck to measure their luck and get rich anytime they want. But before going to bet on Sic Bo with various online gambling websites. Players need to know Sic Bo bets like a master. That we have told before. When entering the field. You will confident UFABET and have a chance to win the game.