Arsenal broke again

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Arsenal broke again

More important than Manchester City victory is that Arsenal stumbled to the Emirates Stadium themselves.

The last 90 minutes at the gunpoint It is an image that no one truly expected before.

Because it may be that Brighton is strong, not light. But they had just broken their wings and lost 1-5 and at the same time, Arsenal seemed to be regaining their strength. (After going off the ball in April) with wins in the last two games, 3-1 against Chelsea and 2-0 against Newcastle.

As for the picture in the first half, Arsenal look enthusiastic. Fierce, dangerous, no less good Should take the lead from Leandro Trossar sock stroke. Which wiped the top crossbar behind. Like the rhythm of Bukayo Saka’s flicks, which just grabbed the first pole.

But it appears that the second half…

0-1 Julio Ncicho finds an opportunity to head open when Yakub Givior bends down to find a piece of coin. 51

0-2 Deniz Undaf takes advantage of the opening ball from Tros. Saar bounces back (not offside), laps across Aaron Ramsdale, No. 86

0-3 , Pervis Estupinyan, repeats two open swords, no. 90 + 6

0-3 at home was only the second home defeat of the season, but it was serious enough to put the Premier League champions out of Arsenal’s hands.

when the picture is now

You don’t have to wait until the end of the season.

with the result of this latest game Made from the original speculation. That The Premier League champions may have to fight until the final whistle. And there are many big fans. Who are willing to pay a lot to book tickets for the season-ending game against Wolves (May 28) in order to watch the trophy-lifting scene in the middle of the Emirates Stadium.

A voice from Pep Guardiola whispers… “Sorry, the weekend is over.”

Here’s the program this weekend: Saturday 11:30 PM Forest – Arsenal / Sunday 10:30 PM Man City – Chelsea.

Because with a gap of 4 points with the last 2 games of Arsenal, even if the artillery shoots Forest at 10-0 or 20-0, it means nothing at all. If the next day, Manchester City can check Chelsea’s bill without fail.

If each side wins this weekend’s game. The image of the table will become