Forest grows frantic close grabbing Aouar

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Forest grows frantic close grabbing Aouar

Nottingham Forest continues to set a new record for most players in the Premier League this summer. When news is close to seizing another Lyon midfielder Hussem Aouar.

Journalist under UFABET reports that Nottingham Forest, the new Premier League team. Are continuing to negotiate with Olympique Lyonnais and move closer to grabbing Aouar to go into everything.

Nottingham Forest have previously confirmed the signing of Nigerian striker Emmanuel Dennis from Watford and ex-Crystal Palace midfielder Cheikku Kuyate for free. Join the team as the 12th and 13th in the market this summer. And after this, there is going to be the 14th one, Remo Freuler, the Swiss midfielder of Atalanta.

Aouar, 24, is a young figure for Olympique Lyonnais. Who previously show outstanding form until. He was name in the France senior team in 2020. And has attract interest from many big teams across Europe. But after that the form began to fall. causing the news of moving the team to be silent as well.

Europe spread the news that Aouar had absent from training with Lyon for five days in a row without giving any reason. So many people believe. That he is forcing the team to release. This summer with Mikel Arteta’s open arms waiting to accepte.