It’s unofficially 2022/23 Premier League champions Manchester City

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It’s unofficially 2022/23 Premier League champions Manchester City

Let’s guess the heart of artillery disciples. In fact, they secretly hoped that. This past weekend will be another “major turning point” of the 2022/23 Premier League title race, such as Manchester City won’t beat Everton and Arsenal check Bill Brighton. to bounce up to lead the crowd again

But when reality doesn’t turn out like a dream and many times worse than nightmares

Arsenal had to surrender the flag, but it was good. I admit that the blue sailboat man City is going to be a champion for 3 years in a row.

There no miracles for big guns.

Have to go back and talk about the situation before the last game again, that even if Manchester City has an advantage, it’s true. But the picture is similar to that Arsenal are staring hard to raise the front third to hit the bow of the boat for Chang Nub. If you find that the other party has stumbled and tilted up

Because Everton ‘s attack at Goodison Park came just five days. After Manchester City’s hard-fought visit to the Santiago Bernabeu, so they still had a queue. The decisive kick against Real Madrid, the second leg is waiting to be flanked by it just 3 days after this match.

Man City are only one point ahead of Arsenal. therefore have the right to switch back to Arsenal to move up to overtake the lead again If the ship stumbles on Sunday morning Then the guns were humiliated in the opening match against Brighton as the latter pair.

If this figure comes out, Arsenal will return to the top with 84 points, while Manchester City have 83 if they draw, or stand still at 82 if they lose.

But Pep Guardiola is mentally ill enough. “Almost no rotation”, how much? The only ones rested were Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Jack Grealish and John Stones, while the other seven positions remained unchanged from the draw with Real Madrid. 1-1 in Spain

As much as Toffee fans secretly hope. That they will not have to deal with heavy weapons like Erling Braut Haaland. Which is a dream after seeing the line-up.

And the important thing is that the “Pro-Arsenal” side probably didn’t think about Everton at this hour. Does it depend on you?

May have been resilient in a surprise 5-1 thrashing of Brighton the week before, but that was only their first win after a seven-match winless run (D4 L3), and especially Everton. Gaining momentum from punching the seagull’s gate a few tens of seconds from the start of the game Plus the first half was already torn apart 3-0, called Brighton, the mind fell apart more than it should have.

When it came to having to meet the real thing, solid stuff, the most brutal thing like Manchester City, then crashed without having to win anything — after 2-0 before the end of the first half from Ilkay Kun’s superior sun-back . Dogan and Haaland head strike (Seed 52). Before the beginning of the second half, at 51, ended the game from a beautiful free kick from the same Gundogan.