Jaap Stam believes Malacia will break into Man Utd this season

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Tyrell Malacia moved to Manchester United last summer. Although he was in good form early on but was unable to secure his place in the starting line-up after that, however, Jaap Stam believes today could be the left-back’s chance to break into full-fledged form.

Former Manchester United centre- back Jaap Stam believes Dutch left-back Tyrell Malacia has an opportunity to explode this season. After being referred to a taste with the team last season

Erik ten Hag brought in the left-back from Feyenoord last summer, having performed well at first but has since struggled to hold a place in the starting line-up under the umbrella. The shadow of Luke Shaw, who returned to his outstanding form once again last season

However, Stam believes that Malacia is ready to be fully born in the new C1. By giving an interview to the club’s official website that

“You know it’s not going to be easy for him because he’s got Luke Shaw in the way and Shaw has really raised his game. He’s defensive and he’s also good at centre-half at the same time. as well as being able to fill the attacking game well as a left-back.”

“And we would love to see that in modern defenders. Especially on the left and right can help fill the attack. Tyrell did very well with Feyenoord in Holland before moving to Manchester United. ยูฟ่าเบท

“He had a great game in the first few games of the season. But then a very, very difficult game a few games later, of course one of those games was away at Manchester City, which you know they lost outright (6). -3)”

“I think that game gave him something about facing opponents. But he’s young and very talented. He’s got speed. Play quality on the ground. And he can also defend well.”