Klopp insists he’s not worry about Diaz scoring less

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Klopp insists he’s not worry about Diaz scoring less.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has spoken to winger Luis Diaz. About the few goals scored since joining the Premier League in January. He insist that he was not worry about it at all.

The Reds have an open house queue to welcome the visit of Crystal Palace on Monday. One of the issues the German manager was asked by journalists was the Colombian’s goalscoring. By last season, he scored all 6 goals from 28 shots on the field in all items. While the performance in the last game, the 2-2 draw with Fulham, was not satisfactory.

“We will not replace him just because ‘There other people. Who have score two goals and we will show him how to score goals’, it is not necessary. Not even a problem It’s just a matter of timing.”

“But of course we practice shooting and it will help him. Like everyone else, we talked last week about it, when Sadio (Mane) was away, everyone ask how we would play without him. In November, December, when does everyone think. He will able to score the next goal? But he’s always real person. This is what happened.”

“You just have to let it go. You have seen the rhythm It was the most important opportunity which was unfortunate. He was blocked a few times but he’s still in great shape. He looks really good and that’s the most important thing for me to be involved in these situations,” said Klopp.