Seaman hails Kante Arsenal legends midfielder

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Seaman hails Kante from Arsenal legends midfielder.

Former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman has hailed the pace of Premier League rivals Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante. After being targeted by Mikel Arteta in the summer. This is according to a report from the UFABET.

A month ago, the French national team became news. The Gunners surprisingly before the matter faded away However, Seaman continued to praise the star, saying he could comfortably compare to his former team-mate Gilberto Silva.

“When you see Kante play, you think to what level he can play. But his stats are steadily rising, his stature has made him one of the top players. He, like Gilberto Silva when playing for Arsenal, didn’t get much attention. But it’s a good game link.”

“He connects the defender to the midfield. The game from the midfield to the striker. He’s a quiet guy who likes to do his job quietly, but he can do a lot,” said Seaman.

The reason for the release of N’Golo Kante midfielder of the engine room. navy blue lion That helped the team win the UEFA Champions League in the 2020-21 season is caused by Kante this season is not often the main character of the team anymore. 

After suffering a disturbing injury throughout the past season. Has made only 26 appearances in the league, scoring 2 goals only