Two legends criticize Kivior for his mistake in Arsenal defeat

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Two legends criticize Kivior for his mistake in Arsenal defeat

Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane have accuse Arsenal defender Jakub Kivior of being responsible for Sunday’s 3-0 home defeat to Brighton.

Manchester City are on course for a fifth Premier League title since 2018. After title rivals Arsenal dropped points once more.

On the same day, Man City attacked Everton 3-0, but Arsenal were unable to score a goal. When losing outright. And now they are four points behind Pep Guardiola’s team with two games remaining.

Vieira and Keane were both disappointed by Kivior’s performance, especially Brighton’s opening goal, as the Polish defender fell to the ground in a slight tackle, only to be easily headed by Julio Enchizo. is the door to lead

Keane commented on : “A big and strong centre-half is falling like that… really?”

Asked if Kivior should settle down and try to defend against an opponent’s attack, Keane replied: “Of course he should.”

“You shouldn’t go down to the floor. Just because your shoes came off. His feet didn’t come off here! It was his boots that fell off.”

Vieira added: “You expect your centre-backs to be strong enough to stand up and defend the ball first.”

“I think the big question is whether Ferguson intend to play against Kivior and I don’t think so.”